The moment of truth for all brands is that moment, when the consumer takes an action in favour of the brand. This action can be either a decision to buy, or use, or recommend the brand.

At Communication Facilitators, we provide a series of creative and exiting direct to consumer activities and interactions to drive the consumer to action.  We take this activities to the consumer at the most opportune and appropriate situation so as to elicit a positive response to the clients brand

We do this both at the trade / intermediary level and the final user/ consumer.

We provide the following services

Direct to Consumer Brand Activation

  • New product introduction
  • Product demonstration
  • Brand awareness events

Trade Activation

  • In-market trade events
  • Sales promotion
  • In market product launch

In – Store Activation

  • Sales promotion
  • In-store theme campaign
  • Sampling
  • Product demonstration
  • In-store customer assistance


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