Field Marketing Services

At Communication Facilitators, we provide a full range of field sales support services and deploy representatives on behalf of clients to achieve sales and trade marketing objectives.

These services are designed to increase product availability, enhance visibility, achieve optimal display and in outlet presence, monitor in market product performance, and achieve a positive business partners support for clients’ products.

The overall objective is to maximize the sales opportunities for our client products.

We employ, deploy and manage representatives based on the goals and objectives of our clients. Services are designed to suit the demands of our clients in terms of location, area of focus, trade channels, size and duration of campaign, the operational role of the agents within the client’s field sales organization.

Our services are flexible we are able to respond quickly to client’s requests ranging from nationwide new product launches and promotions to short time tactical activities or local initiatives to address specific markets of product situations.

Our range of services include

Channel Development

Increase presence and penetration in existing channels
Exploration of non-traditional channel
Channel mapping

Direct to retail redistribution
Increase numerical availability
New product placement

Product availability
On-shelf visibility
In-store visibility
POS material deployment
Customer acquisition

New customer prospecting
New customer on boarding
Trade Audit

Availability check
Pricing survey
Product offtake
Compliance audit
Mystery shopping